Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones asks judge to dismiss paternity lawsuit, alleges extortion attempts

Mar 29, 2022

Jerry Jones asked a judge Monday to toss out a paternity case against him, saying the 25-year-old congressional aide who alleges she is his daughter is involved in one of "multiple monetary extortion attempts" against him and the Dallas Cowboys.

Jones' response to the lawsuit filed by Alexandra Davis says she delivered a draft of it to Jones on an unspecified date and asked whether he would "make a deal" to "assure that he would not be publicly or privately identified" as her father.

The court motion does not identify the people who have allegedly attempted to extort Jones and the Cowboys or for how much. "The potential source(s) of those attempted extortions ... will be the subject of other litigation which has been filed or will be instituted shortly," wrote Jones' lawyers, Levi McCathern II and Charles L. Babcock, in the motion filed before a court-mandated deadline on Monday afternoon.

Source: ESPN
(Photo by: Getty Images)