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Dan Snyder Holding Out for $7B Bid for Washington Commanders

Feb 15, 2023

PHOENIX — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t break any news regarding the outside investigation into the Washington Commanders or the potential sale of the embattled franchise owned by Dan Snyder at Wednesday’s Super Bowl news conference.

There haven’t been many revelations on the Commanders’ sale since Front Office Sports reported last month that bidders were told Snyder was looking to offload at least a majority stake of the team.

One factor for the lack of news: Snyder appears to be holding out for a $7 billion bid for the franchise, two sources with knowledge of the process told FOS.

The highest offer through the first round of bids closed in December was $6.3 billion. That would be a worldwide record for a sports franchise and $1.6 billion more than the Denver Broncos sold last year.

Source: Front Office Sports

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