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Departing Pac-12 Schools Settle With Oregon State and Washington State

Dec 22, 2023

The legal battle for the Pac-12 is finally (almost) over.

Oregon State and Washington State have settled a lawsuit with the 10 schools departing the conference in 2024, ending all litigation. The settlement agreement has not been signed, however, and certain details are still being worked out, the departing schools said in a statement.

The existing universities will forfeit a portion of their distributions of conference revenue for the remainder of the 2023-24 season—which is believed to be more than $400 million in total, according to WSU and OSU It’s unclear how much of that the 10 schools will forgo, but the departing schools said they will maintain the majority of their revenue for this season.

While OSU and WSU will maintain sole control over the conference’s future, the departing schools will have a say in revenue decisions for the rest of this year until they leave, the source said.

Source: Front Office Sports

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