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Eagles' Jason Kelce reveals message to emotional brother Travis after Super Bowl

Feb 13, 2023

Super Bowl LVII marked the first time ever that a pair of brothers faced off in the big game.

Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce had the pleasure of winning the second Super Bowl of his career, but at the expense of taking down his older brother Jason's team.

Jason is the Philadelphia Eagles' All-Pro center, who also was vying for his second ring. The two spoke about the pleasures of playing each other, and Travis even told his brother "don't f---ing look at me" during the coin toss.

They still managed to hug it out at midfield, though, and the two found one another after the game, as well. They shared a long embrace after the Chiefs' 38-35 victory, while their mother Donna celebrated with Travis and consoled Jason.

During the Kelces' postgame hug, Jason gave Travis a brotherly greeting: "F--- you, congratulations."

Source: Fox News

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