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Eagles' undefeated season stopped by Washington, which benefits from a big blown call

Nov 15, 2022

There's vindication for everyone who thought the Philadelphia Eagles' undefeated record was fraudulent, propped up by an easy schedule.

For Eagles fans, they'll wonder if an undefeated season was taken from them by the officials.

Nobody thought the Eagles were going 17-0 this season, but not many people thought it would be the Washington Commanders to hand Philadelphia its first loss this season. The Eagles were outplayed and lost 32-21. They rarely had the ball because they couldn't get first downs and couldn't get the Commanders off the field.

They still had a great chance to win, but officials missed an obvious facemask on Washington that turned into a game-changing Eagles fumble in the fourth quarter. Commanders linebacker Jamin Davis dragged Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert down by his facemask, Goedert fumbled and the Commanders recovered. Washington got a field goal off of that gift turnover. It was a huge turning point in the game, though Philadelphia can't blame just that on the loss, no matter how bad the missed call was.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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