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Enes Kanter Freedom calls out LeBron James: 'Breaks my heart when people take their freedom for granted'

Jul 18, 2022

Former NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom said on Friday that he couldn’t believe LeBron James said Brittney Griner should reconsider coming back to the U.S. after being detained in Russia for over 100 days.

"It just makes me really sad and breaks my heart when people take their freedom for granted. So that's why I was like, I was very confused," Kanter Freedom told "America’s Newsroom" host Bill Hemmer.

James was heard in the trailer of his HBO show "The Shop" questioning whether the U.S. has the detained WNBA superstar’s back and floated the possibility that if he was in her situation he would be wondering whether he would even want to go back to the States.

Source: Fox Sports

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