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ESPN’s Troy Aikman admitted his ‘take the dresses off’ comment on ‘MNF’ was ‘dumb

Oct 13, 2022

ESPN “Monday Night Football” analyst Troy Aikman said Thursday that he shouldn’t have made the misogynistic comment that he did during the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the Las Vegas Raiders earlier this week.

Aikman, who said the NFL should “take the dresses off” after a controversial roughing the passer penalty in the first half, admitted on 1310 The Ticket in Dallas that the comment was “dumb.”

“Yeah, I mean, my comments were dumb. Just shouldn’t have made them, just dumb remarks on my part,” Aikman said on the radio, via The Dallas Morning News.

Aikman, just before halftime of the Chiefs’ 30-29 win over the Raiders, took issue with a roughing the passer penalty against Kansas City defensive lineman Chris Jones. He was far from alone in his criticism of the penalty, which negated a turnover and sent fans at Arrowhead Stadium into a frenzy.

Yet right before play resumed, Aikman made a sexist comment when referring to the penalty.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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