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ESPN and Fox Are Fighting Over Colorado Football

Sep 16, 2023

Last year, George Kliavkoff said Deion Sanders’ arrival in Boulder could help boost the conference’s overall media value. It might be the only thing the beleaguered Pac-12 commissioner was right about.

Now, everybody wants a piece of their success. ESPN and Fox, who comprise college football’s broadcast duopoly, are using No. 18 Colorado’s success to gain an edge in their ongoing battle.

The Buffs have become the main focus of college football, from debate shows and traveling Saturday pregame broadcasts to game windows.

Because the Pac-12 has deals with both ESPN and Fox, the networks trade the rights to Colorado games depending on the week. That dynamic will continue next year when the Buffs join the Big 12, the only Power conference with a future media rights deal that includes both networks.

Source: Front Office Sports

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