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Everton’s Financial Violations Result in Unprecedented Punishment

Nov 17, 2023

The English Premier League has docked Everton FC 10 points for violations of Profitability and Sustainability Rules, formerly known as Financial Fair Play. It’s the largest points deduction in league history and the first punishment in the top flight of English football handed out relating to profitability and sustainability rules — but it might not be the last.

An independent commission hired by the EPL found that Everton lost £124.5 million ($155 million) in the period ending with the 2021-22 season; under PSR, clubs are only allowed to record losses of up to £105 million ($130.8 million).

The sanction has immediate effect, meaning Everton instantly dropped into 19th place and the relegation zone of the Premier League table.

Source: Front Office Sports

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