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Ex-Panthers coach Matt Rhule files arbitration case with NFL seeking money he says team owes him

Feb 2, 2023

Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule filed an arbitration case with the NFL to recoup money he says he’s owed by the Carolina Panthers after the franchise fired him during the 2022 season.

According to multiple reports, Rhule filed the suit with the NFL on Jan. 25 and says the Panthers are not paying him the severance money he’s owed via offset. Rhule was hired as Nebraska’s new head coach in November on an eight-year contract worth a total of $74 million.

The former Baylor coach was hired by the Panthers in January 2020 on a seven-year deal worth $62 million. There was approximately $40 million left on that contract when the Panthers fired him in October. Coaching contracts at the college and NFL levels typically contain offset language, meaning that the severance figure is lowered by the amount a coach is making at his next job.

With Rhule set to make approximately $28 million over the first four years of his deal with the Cornhuskers, the Panthers would still owe Rhule roughly $5 million through the original length of his contract with the team.

A Panthers spokesperson declined to comment on Rhule’s filing. Per CBS, the Panthers are going to argue to the NFL that Rhule’s deal with Nebraska violates the league’s anti-tampering clause.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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