Falcons owner Arthur Blank on tanking allegations against Stephen Ross: 'There probably couldn’t be anything more serious

Mar 29, 2022

llegations that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered former head coach Brian Flores six-figure bonuses for losing games in 2019 as an apparent effort to secure a No. 1 overall draft pick certainly has the attention of at least one key partner: Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank.

Flores included the charges against Ross as part of the landmark lawsuit filed against the NFL and three teams, including the Dolphins, which has prompted commissioner Roger Goodell to launch a pending NFL investigation.

“The allegations, there probably couldn’t be anything more serious,” Blank said during NFL owners meetings on Tuesday, addressing a small group of media outlets, including USA TODAY Sports. “Certainly, in the top layer of things you could be concerned about.

Source: USA Today
(Photo by: Getty Images)