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FC Cincinnati suspends reporter, who says team objected to her doing her job

Mar 15, 2024

FC Cincinnati is scheduled to face Monterrey in the Concacaf Champions Cup on Thursday. Its media relations team decided to add an additional opponent.

The MLS club released a statement ahead of the Monterrey match announcing it had temporarily rescinded the media credentials of Queen City Press reporter Laurel Pfahler for undisclosed reasons.

The lengthy statement takes great pains to claim the decision wasn't reached lightly, but declines to explain how Pfahler "failed to act in accordance with the standards and practices of the Society of Professional Journalists and the MLS Notice of Credentials Use Conditions." The statement ends with a call for the team and Pfahler to move forward in the spirit of "All for Cincy," which is not how independent journalism works. It is not the job of a reporter to be a cheerleader for the team.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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