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Federal Judge Temporarily Strikes Down NCAA Transfer Restrictions

Dec 15, 2023

On Wednesday, a federal judge in West Virginia ruled to temporarily prohibit the NCAA from enforcing restrictions on second-time transfers for two weeks.

The lawsuit, State of Ohio et al v. NCAA, was filed last Thursday. Seven state attorneys general have alleged that the NCAA’s remaining restrictions on athlete eligibility after transferring a second time violate federal antitrust law.

The NCAA is also prohibited from enforcing its “Rule of Restitution,” according to the decision. That rule states that if a court grants eligibility to an athlete and later reverses that decision, the NCAA has the power to vacate records or wins that the team or athlete accomplished while they were playing.

The ruling technically only applies to athletes within the jurisdiction of the court: the northern district of West Virginia, Kennyhertz Perry sports attorney Mit Winter pointed out. However, the NCAA said in a statement that it will not enforce its transfer rule at least for the next 14 days. It also won’t penalize players if the ruling is reversed.

Source: Front Office Sports

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