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Felony charges against former top recruit Emoni Bates to be dismissed

Oct 13, 2022

The felony charges against Emoni Bates, a former top recruit now at Eastern Michigan, are set to be dismissed next week, his lawyer told ESPN.

Attorney Steve Haney said in a phone interview on Thursday that Bates is in the process of being reinstated by the university, athletic department and president. He had been suspended the past three weeks pending resolution of the felony charges.

Haney added that felony charges against Bates are set to be dismissed Wednesday in a session before the Washtenaw County (Michigan) Circuit Court.

Haney said he has negotiated a plea deal with the Washtenaw County Prosecutor's office in exchange for the dismissal of all felony charges. Bates is expected to plead to one misdemeanor count of attempted illegal transportation of a weapon. It will be entirely dismissed upon completion of a misdemeanor diversion program.

Source: ESPN

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