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Ferrari Reshuffle Made Seidel Leave McLaren Three Years Early

Dec 13, 2022

The McLaren Formula 1 team originally planned for Andreas Seidl to remain in his role as team principal until the end of 2025 prior to his departure for Sauber, until Mattia Binotto’s resignation as Ferrari team principal accelerated the process.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown says that Seidl informed him during the 2022 season of the intention to leave McLaren at the end of his current contract in 2025 to take up the role of Sauber Group CEO for its transformation into Audi’s new F1 team. But as announced this morning, this is now happening at the start of next year.

Binotto’s departure as Ferrari team principal, with Frederic Vasseur leaving Sauber to replace him, accelerated the process. Following talks with Sauber Holdings chairman Finn Rausing, McLaren allowed Seidl to make the move early.

Although Brown didn’t comment on the specifics of the deal, he referred to “workable terms” suggesting a financial settlement was part of the agreement that allowed Seidl to leave McLaren three years early.

Source: The Race

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