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Florida's Anthony Richardson drops 'AR-15' nickname, no longer wants to be 'associated' with gun

Jul 18, 2022

Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson will drop the nickname "AR-15" over the recent mass shootings across the U.S. and will work with his representatives to rebrand, he wrote on his website.

Richardson went by "AR-15" because of the initials in his name and the number he wears on the football field. He changed his number from the 2020 season to the 2021 season. He was No. 2 during his first year with Florida and last year he was No. 15.

"After discussions with my family and much thought, I have decided to no longer use the nickname ‘AR-15’ and the current apparel line logo, which features a scope reticle, as part of my branding. While a nickname is only a nickname and ‘AR-15’ was simply a representation of my initials combined with my jersey number, it is important to me that my name and brand are no longer associated with the assault rifle that has been used in mass shootings, which I do not condone in any way or form," he wrote on the site.

Source: Fox Sports

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