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Follow the money: Michigan football status could hinge on who paid for sign-stealing trips

Oct 28, 2023

Whether the Michigan football sign-stealing allegations are true or not — we’ll know all in due time.

Whether this was the result of a manifesto-writing lone wolf or part of a much larger scheme.

Whether it’s a stupid rule or not — stupid or not, the NCAA bans in-person scouting and has since 1994.

Whether Jim Harbaugh knew or not — there's no evidence yet he did anything wrong, but if he did know, that takes it to another level.

Whether you agree with Colorado coach Deion Sanders, who said this week, “Everyone’s trying to get an edge. You can have someone’s whole game plan. They could mail it to you, but you still gotta stop it. You still gotta play the game.” — he's not wrong, but that doesn't make it right.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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