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Ford, Porche, Andretti? F1's Leading New Team Contenders

Jan 3, 2023

From major manufacturers such as Ford and Honda to the Andretti family and billionaire individuals, Formula 1 has a fascinating mix of potential new teams and manufacturers sniffing around its periphery.

The championship’s increasing popularity and its profile in the United States, combined with significant developments like the budget cap and new engine regulations in 2026, have made F1 more attractive than ever in the modern era.

At the end of 2022, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali reiterated that a high-quality project that would bring value to F1 would be welcome.

It is also still a big priority for F1’s stakeholders to attract more manufacturers, and new investment for existing teams is always welcome – especially now all 10 teams have the potential to be profit-making entities.

So whatever form an ‘entry’ takes, between the public declarations of interest and the private moves behind the scenes, the list of potential investors is extremely interesting to consider.

Source: The Race

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