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Former NFL lineman Derek Wolfe says he would combine Adderall and mushrooms before games, go into 'rage mode'

Mar 25, 2023

Derek Wolfe is clearly a savage on and off the field.

During his playing days, the former Denver Bronco says he got back on the field two weeks after being temporarily paralyzed. A few months ago, he killed a mountain lion with a bow and arrow.

But now, he's revealing one of his secrets that led to a Super Bowl championship and a nine-year career.

"Before games, I was taking microdoses. . . . I'm f---ing taking mushrooms and Adderall before I play," he said on Joe Rogan's podcast.

The mixture put Wolfe into an "out of control" focus, but he had one more trick up his own sleeve that helped him become a wrecking ball on the gridiron.

Source: Fox News

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