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Formula 1 Unveils Miami Upgrade Plans, Including Hard Rock Stadium

Jan 18, 2023

Formula 1 is set to stay in Miami for the long haul.

Miami Grand Prix organizers announced a host of changes and improvements as it prepares for its second iteration on May 7.

A permanent 190,000-square-foot Paddock Club hospitality building has been built atop the team pit garages, overlooking the pit lane and starting line.

The three-tiered building will include room for 6,000 guests, luxury suites, and a rooftop club.

Team paddock areas and hospitality units, where drivers will stay throughout the race weekend, will be on the field where the Miami Dolphins play.

The 3.36-mile track surface, which goes around Hard Rock Stadium, will be repaved to improve grip levels in the hopes of allowing for more overtakes and excitement.

Organizers are also upgrading certain fan areas, including the “marina,” where real yachts were parked on fake water during the 2022 race.

Source: Front Office Sports

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