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George Kittle has blunt take on 49ers' quarterback woes in NFC Championship Game

Jan 30, 2023

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle said he was proud of his team for not quitting despite not having a healthy quarterback in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game against the Philadelphia Eagles, but he didn’t mince words when asked about how he felt about the situation.

Rookie quarterback Brock Purdy gave the 49ers a fighting chance after starting quarterback Trey Lance and backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo went down with season-ending injuries early on this year.

But an injury to his throwing hand early on in the first half of Sunday’s title game took him out before he was eventually forced to return after Josh Johnson was ruled out with a concussion.

The result was a 31-7 blowout by the Eagles.

"Losing your starting quarterback who's a third-string rookie to your fourth-string quarterback who did everything he could – gets hurt right away in the third quarter, and then you can only run the ball – it’s tough, it's frustrating," Kittle said during his post game presser.

Source: Fox News

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