Giants’ Alyssa Nakken makes history as the first woman to coach on the field in major league baseball: I was prepared for this moment

Apr 14, 2022

Alyssa Nakken made history at Oracle Park in San Francisco Tuesday night when she became the first woman to coach on the field during a Major League Baseball game.

Nakken, an assistant coach for the San Francisco Giants, stepped in for Antoan Richardson as the team’s first base coach when he was ejected from their game against the San Diego Padres at the bottom of the third inning. The Giants beat the Padres 13-2.

“I was prepared for this moment,” Nakken, 31, said, according to NBC News. “Never knew if or when it would happen, but [I] was ready to step in when the team needed me to. So yeah I think it means a lot. It’s a fun start to the season so far.”

Source: CNBC
(Photo by:Nuccio Dinuzzo | Getty Images Sport | Getty Images)