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Giants broadcaster Dave Flemming fills in as teams bat boy for fantasy football punishment

Aug 15, 2023

As far as fantasy football punishments go, Dave Flemming seems to have lucked out.

The San Francisco Giants announcer lost his fantasy football league last season and, as so many leagues throughout the country do, he was punished for it.

So on Monday night, for the Giants’ game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Oracle Park, Flemming was in full uniform in the dugout. For three innings, he was the Giants’ new bat boy.

There’s plenty of embarrassing fantasy football punishment options out there. We’ve seen tattoos, being made to eat a certain number of waffles to leave a Waffle House, being forced to play in a U.S. Open qualifier and more. Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis even revealed the last-place finisher in his league with his friends once had to eat a full pack of uncooked hot dogs.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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