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Golf legend Gary Player sues son, grandson over memorabilia dispute with 'great' reluctance

Dec 21, 2022

Legendary golfer Gary Player is suing his son and grandson over memorabilia, including trophies and clubs, he says the duo have sold or tried to sell despite an agreement requiring the items be returned to the nine-time major championship winner.

Player, a part-time Jupiter Island resident, filed a legal complaint in May in Palm Beach County against his son Marc Player, followed by a November lawsuit against Marc’s son, Damian Player.

The lawsuits were “reluctantly” filed after a years-long dispute between Gary Player and Marc Player about the 87-year-old’s collectibles after he ended a business relationship with his son in 2019, said Gary Player’s attorney Stuart Singer.

Damian Player was named in a separate suit because it’s alleged that he solicited buyers for memorabilia held in 19 lockers at a South Carolina storage facility, and allegedly sold or helped sell multiple Rolex watches to someone in Florida “for significant sums of money.”

Source: Yahoo Sports

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