Government should view FBS college football players, Division I men's, women's basketball players as school employees, according to advocacy group's complaint

Feb 8, 2022

A college athletes advocacy group filed a labor complaint Tuesday afternoon asserting that the federal government should view all FBS-level football players and Division I men's and women's basketball players as employees of their schools.

The National College Players Association submitted its claims to the Los Angeles-based regional office of the National Labor Relations Board. It names USC, UCLA, the Pac-12 Conference and the NCAA as employers who are unfairly restricting the rights of their employees -- college athletes. If the complaint is successful at the end of a process that often takes many months if not years to complete, every college athlete in the NCAA's three most profitable sports would be considered an employee of their schools. The NCAA would no longer be able to place limits on how or how much schools pay their athletes.

Source: ESPN
(Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)