Grizzlies-Timberwolves Briefly Stopped After Another Protester Tries to Run Onto the Court

Apr 24, 2022

For the third time this postseason, a game involving the Timberwolves featured an impromptu timeout thanks to an unexpected fan interruption.

Referees halted Saturday night’s Game 4 against the Grizzlies in Minnesota after two protesters attempted to run onto the floor during the third quarter. The chaotic scene unfolded with the T-Wolves up, 64–58, with 10:50 minutes remaining on the game clock.

As Karl-Anthony Towns attempted to score after securing a rebound, an unidentified woman can be seen bursting onto the floor from the second row before being tackled and taken away by security. Moments later, a second woman seated in the same area is identified in the crowd and is also escorted out.

Source: Sports Illustrated
(Photo by: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)