Hall of Fame Reboot Offers Bonds, Clemens, Allen Another Shot

Apr 25, 2022

The late Dick Allen missed election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame by a single vote the last two times he was on the ballot. But the Hall adopted three new committees on Friday, and for those still pining for Allen, a seven-time All-Star, American League MVP and National League Rookie of the Year, to reach the Hall, the restructuring is a godsend.

The new three-headed system will consist of committees for the Contemporary Era (1980 to present)—which will be subdivided into a players category and another that includes managers, executives and umpires—and a committee for the Classic Era (pre-1980). The system replaces the now-defunct old committees—Today’s Game, Modern Baseball, Golden Days and Early Baseball.

“It’s a revolving process that regularly gets looked at every few years to make sure the best players are going to be enshrined,” Josh Rawitch, the most recent Hall of Fame president, said Saturday in a phone interview from Cooperstown, N.Y. “We hadn’t looked at it for six or seven years, and ultimately the board decided there was a better way of doing it.”

Give the powers that be at the Hall a little bit of credit on this one. After recent controversies surrounding the candidacies of Allen, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, they decided it was time for new rules.

Source: Yahoo Sports (Photo by: New York Daily News)