Hamlin shreds NASCAR over call that could've led to 'lawsuit,' VP responds, Blaney is rich

May 23, 2022

If you were one of those people begging for some sort of drama (me!) before the checkers flew in Sunday's NASCAR All-Star race, well ... you got it!

I'm just not sure any of us were expecting that.

"Where NASCAR really got away with one was, we nearly crashed off (Turn) 2," said Denny Hamlin, who finished second (twice) to Ryan Blaney. "When I send him head-first into traffic, and the window net's down, I don't know ... then they got a lawsuit on their hands."

Well then, Denny. Please, by all means, don't hold back!

"All I ask is that we know what the rules are, we play by them," he continued. "He should've won the race. He was 100 yards from winning the race. But many cars have not won races because of a green-white-checkered, or a mistake on a restart, or things that happen at the end. Those things happen."

Sure. Those things happen ... but Denny, come on!

NASCAR VP: 'Wish we wouldn't have done that'
All right. Let's dive in!

We'll start here ... who ya got: Denny or NASCAR?

Should the folks in the tower have thrown maybe the dumbest yellow flag in the history of the sport just seconds before Ryan Blaney crossed the line to win a million dollars?

No. Probably not. And hey, they even agree!

"Wish we wouldn't have done that," said Scott Miller, NASCAR's Senior VP. "But we did, and we'll own that we probably prematurely put that caution out."

OK. Good first step!

Source: Yahoo Sports (Photo by: USA Today)