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How good is Lionel Messi? He may lead Inter Miami from worst to first in one season

Sep 4, 2023

Just six weeks ago Inter Miami was the worst team in MLS. Maybe one of the worst in MLS history.

It hadn’t won an MLS game in eight weeks, hadn’t scored more than two goals in a game all season and the crowds it drew to its temporary stadium, which wasn’t even in the same county as Miami, were among the smallest in the league.

Then the best player of all time showed up.

Miami hasn’t lost since Lionel Messi arrived in late July, going unbeaten in all competition, winning one tournament and advancing to the final of another. In 11 games with Messi and former Barcelona teammates Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, who followed him to MLS, the team is now averaging nearly three goals a game.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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