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Insult to Injury? Jets Passed on Insuring Rodgers Before Season

Oct 14, 2023

Like a number of NFL teams do with their highest-paid players, the Green Bay Packers routinely took out disability insurance policies on quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has suffered injuries to nearly every quadrant of his body over his 19-year pro career.

After the New York Jets signed Rodgers to a new, fully guaranteed $75 million deal this offseason, his new team took a different approach. The Jets were offered multiple insurance policies for the 39-year-old’s contract, according to people familiar with the situation, but ultimately chose not to purchase one. The decision, consistent with the Jets’ recent approach to contract insurance, potentially cost the team $20 million-plus in insurance proceeds once Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon in the first game of the season.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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