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Investigation Finds Widespread Misconduct in Women's Pro Soccer

Dec 15, 2022

An investigation commissioned by the National Women’s Soccer League and its players union found "widespread misconduct" directed at players dating back to the beginnings nearly a decade ago of the country’s top women’s professional league.

A report detailing the results of the year-long investigation was published Wednesday, a little over two months after the release in October of U.S. Soccer’s report on a separate investigation by former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Q. Yates that found emotional abuse and sexual misconduct were systemic in the sport, impacting multiple teams, coaches and players.

The second investigation also found instances of sexual abuse and manipulation. The NWSL-commissioned report said club staff in positions of power "made inappropriate sexual remarks to players, mocked players’ bodies, pressured players to lose unhealthy amounts of weight, crossed professional boundaries with players and created manipulative working conditions."

Source: FOX Sports

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