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Iowa, Iowa State athletics alleged to be part of new sports betting scandals

May 9, 2023

A week after Alabama's baseball coach was fired after multiple states halted betting on Crimson Tide games due to suspicious betting activity, there are two more betting scandals in college sports.

This time, athletes from rival schools are being accused of violations. Iowa State announced that it was aware of sports betting allegations involving "approximately 15 of our active student-athletes" from football, wrestling, and track and field.

The University of Iowa announced Monday that it was aware of an investigation by Iowa gaming authorities involving potential violations with student-athletes involving sports betting, that it has alerted the NCAA of potential violations and that it hired outside counsel to assist in an investigation. Iowa said it received information about 111 individuals, including 26 student-athletes from baseball, football, men’s basketball, men’s track and field, and wrestling and one full-time employee in the athletic department.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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