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Ja Morant's looming punishment will be severe, but will it deter from another incident?

Jun 3, 2023

DENVER — Even the Lakers and Celtics would have a hard time being overshadowed by what’s coming to Ja Morant.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver tried his best to lawyer his way through the wording, but it was clear the verdict on Morant will be harsh and perhaps groundbreaking. Silver knew it would dominate the news cycle for more than a day and that these NBA Finals, or any other for that matter, didn’t deserve to be upstaged by such a black mark.

Morant appeared to have another gun on an Instagram Live video weeks ago, leading to his suspension from the Memphis Grizzlies. It’s hard to say what Morant is actually being suspended from participating in at this time, but we do know what he’s suspended for: playing in your employer’s face.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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