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Jaguars reportedly asked FanDuel to return stolen $20M from former employee

Feb 2, 2024

It's been two months since news broke that a former Jacksonville Jaguars employee was accused of stealing $22 million from the team and using much of it to fund a "serious gambling addiction." Now, the football organization is trying its best to recover those funds.

Amit Patel, the former Jaguars finance manager, lost approximately $20 million of the stolen money on FanDuel. The team has asked the gambling company to reimburse some or all of the proceeds, but the company won't pay, ESPN reported Friday.

Patel reportedly siphoned money for three years from the Jaguars' virtual credit card system, which the franchise used for expenses. His role as "Financial Planning and Analysis Coordinator" included overseeing the system, along with budgets and monetary statements. His money management and betting skills appear to have both been terrible.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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