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Jim Harbaugh’s Athlete Compensation Comments Highlight NCAA Hypocrisy

Nov 27, 2023

NCAA rules allow Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh to donate to athletic department employees. But they prohibit him from doing the same for players — something the Wolverines coach expressed interest in during a recent call with reporters.

Following Michigan’s thrilling win over Ohio State on Saturday, Harbaugh reiterated his belief that players should get a share of school and conference revenues.

Harbaugh was asked if he would be interested in donating to name, image, and likeness collectives — one of the only ways players can be compensated during their time as athletes, given they’re not allowed to be paid by salaries.

He noted that he has donated portions of earnings to the Michigan athletic department before: In 2021, he gave his bonus salary back to the department to help compensate employees who took COVID-related pay cuts.

Source: Front Office Sports

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