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Judge Rules Brett Favre’s Tax Returns Are Off-Limits in Welfare Case

Dec 16, 2023

Brett Favre won’t have to turn over his tax returns subpoenaed as part of a Mississippi welfare agency’s civil case that seeks to recover millions of misspent funds.

Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Eleanor Faye Peterson denied the Mississippi Department of Human Services’ request for Favre’s tax returns from 2017-2020, the span of time where text messages allegedly show his efforts to secure funding for a volleyball center at the University of Southern Mississippi and a drug company. Favre has denied knowing that the source of that money came from the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

“[The] defendant’s personal tax returns do not appear to be relevant to the claims or defenses,” Peterson wrote on Friday in an order obtained by Front Office Sports. “Specifically, the complaint does not allege that Favre personally received TANF funds.”

The original complaint filed in May 2022 did allege that Favre’s company (Favre Enterprises) received funds directly — $1.1 million for speeches and public service announcements he did not perform. Favre repaid that money, and that claim was not part of the amendment lawsuit filed last December, as Favre Enterprises was dropped as a defendant.

Source: Front Office Sports

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