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Kansas coach Bill Self back to full strength after heart procedure, health scare: 'I missed my job

Apr 6, 2023

Almost a full month after he was rushed to an emergency room, longtime Kansas coach Bill Self said he’s finally feeling back to his old self.

Self, 60, missed Kansas’ Big 12 tournament and NCAA tournament games this spring due to health issues, which resulted in him needing two stents and a heart catheterization to treat blocked arteries.

“I’m exercising almost daily. I don’t know if you guys believe this, they told me that I need to improve my diet and exercise more,” Self said Wednesday, via The Associated Press. “But I feel fine. My energy level is probably back to where it was prior to the episode but not where it’s getting ready to go, I believe. I think sometimes we don’t realize we don’t feel well until we actually feel well and know the difference. And I’m in the process of feeling well again, so I’m excited about that.”

Source: Yahoo Sports

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