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Kevin Durant on offseason Nets trade request: 'It wasn't difficult at all

Nov 17, 2022

Kevin Durant's request to be traded from the Brooklyn Nets shook this year's offseason, but ultimately didn't come to fruition.

Now, months later and with the Nets in a tenuous position at best, Durant explained the reasons behind his request in an interview with TNT's Chris Haynes. Basically, the former MVP said he wanted out from the Nets because he was unhappy with the level of intensity around him and how much the team's failures could be ascribed to him:

"It wasn’t difficult at all to request a trade because it was about ball," Durant told B/R. "I went to them and was like, ‘Yo, I don't like how we are preparing. I don't like shootarounds. I like practices. I need more. I want to work on more s—t. Hold me accountable. Get on my ass in film if that's going to help you get on everybody else’s head. I want to do more closeouts. I want to work on more shell drills at practice.’

"This was the type of s—t I was coming at them with. It wasn't like, ‘Yo, y'all need to make sure everybody around me can make my life easier.’ Hell nah, I want to make everybody else’s life easier. Ask Steve Nash, you can go call him right now. I would say, ‘Yo, I need more closeout drills. We need to practice more.’ That's what I was on.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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