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Lane Kiffin says NIL is 'legalized cheating,' has made college football 'a disaster'

Jul 22, 2023

College athletes have been able to profit off their name, image and likeness (NIL) for two years now, but it's an ongoing trek to the perfect system.

Some, like Olivia Dunne and the Cavinder twins, have netted seven figures based off their looks while others are treating it like professional sports – where they'll get paid the most is where they'll go.

In Lane Kiffin's eyes, the latter is the most popular usage of NIL, or as Kiffin called it, "pay-for-play."

"When this first came out, basically said, whatever programs have the most aggressive boosters with the most money are going to get the players," Lane Kiffin said at SEC Media Days on Thursday. "And now we are adding some states that you don’t have to follow the NCAA, and now the university can take their money and give it to the collective to give it to the players."

Source: Fox News

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