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LIV Golf Alleges PGA Tour Exec Illegally Killed TV Deals

Mar 23, 2023

Court filings by LIV Golf and the PGA Tour as part of their civil antitrust case reveal how much work it took for LIV to land television partners in the U.S. and worldwide.

Documents filed in federal court late Wednesday night regarding LIV Golf’s inability to agree on the deposition terms of London-based PGA Tour executive Thierry Pascal detailed LIV’s struggles.

“Based on [PGA] Tour documents and other sources, LIV believes Mr. Pascal used illegal means to dissuade numerous broadcasters in international markets from signing broadcast contracts with LIV and even from reporting about LIV events in their news content,” LIV lawyers wrote in the filing.

“Time and again, after the live meeting or phone call, the broadcaster did an about-face and informed LIV the negotiations (in one case, a signed contract) could not proceed. Because of his conduct and his efforts to conceal it, Mr. Pascal is a foundational witness whose testimony will inform later discovery in important ways.”

Source: Front Office Sports

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