Local TV Meteorologist In Memphis Sparks Furor With Racist Comments About Warriors’ Draymond Green

May 9, 2022

A local TV weatherman is feeling the heat after he described Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green in terms often used for primates. Joey Sulipeck, the chief meteorologist at Fox13 WHBQ-TV in Memphis, took to Twitter after the Memphis Grizzlies got drubbed by the Warriors on Saturday night 142-112, to complain about Memphis player Kyle Anderson being ejected while Green was not.

“Draymond Green runs his [slur] mouth ALL GAME LONG, but mild-mannered Kyle Anderson disputes one call and gets ejected?” wrote Sulipeck in a tweet that his since been deleted (along with his account).

The twittersphere reacted quickly, and soon thereafter the Warriors’ power forward — who is a three-time NBA champion — weighed in, as well.

Green posted the comment in his Instagram stories and wrote, “Are you surprised? Don’t apologize. STAND ON IT!”

Asked Sunday about Sulipeck’s tweet, Warriors coach Steve Kerr reportedly responded, “Does it surprise me that a weatherman would tweet a slur at Draymond? In 2022? Not in the slightest bit. This is America. This is how we operate.”

Source: Yahoo Sports (Photo by: CNN)