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Lucas Glover's biggest reward for winning Wyndham? It brought him to tears

Aug 8, 2023

The best benefit, in Lucas Glover’s mind, to winning the Wyndham Championship?

It’s not the two-year PGA Tour exemption, which Glover, in the final year of his last winner’s exemption courtesy his victory at the 2021 John Deere Classic, will gladly use.

It’s not the Masters berth that will see Glover return to Augusta National next April after a year’s hiatus.

It’s not the catapult from No. 112 in FedExCup points to No. 49, which not only qualifies Glover for next week’s playoff opener in Memphis but also puts him in position to advance to the 50-man BMW Championship, a ticket this year that will also come with spots in all the signature events next season.

No, as a father of two school-aged children, the 43-year-old Glover is most excited about one perk. In a way, it’s a byproduct of the aforementioned spoils, but Glover will get more dad time.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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