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M.L.B. Commissioner Rejects Idea That Minor Leaguers Aren’t Paid Fairly

Jul 21, 2022

Asked why Major League Baseball’s team owners do not pay minor league players a living wage — whether it was because they could not afford to or because they didn’t want to — M.L.B. Commissioner Rob Manfred suggested those players were actually compensated fairly.

“I kind of reject the premise of the question that minor league players are not paid a living wage,” he said in a news conference with reporters before the M.L.B. All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday.

“I think that we’ve made real strides in the last few years in terms of what minor league players are paid, even putting to one side the signing bonuses that many of them have already received,” he said. “They receive housing, which obviously is another form of compensation.”

Source: The New York Times

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