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Masters 2023: What happened to Jack Nicklaus' famous yellow 1986 Masters shirt

Apr 6, 2023

Jack Nicklaus woke up in his Augusta rental house on the morning of April 13, 1986, without a care in the world. Hours away from teeing off in the final round of that year’s Masters, he was four shots behind Greg Norman, with another 14 players either tied with or ahead of him. This would be a pleasant day on one of his favorite courses, nothing more.

Nicklaus dug through his suitcase and found a tailored yellow shirt — pointed collars, long placket, Golden Bear logo on the closing flap of the left pocket. One of a dozen, maybe a hundred, that Nicklaus owned in a range of hues. Choice made, he and his wife Barbara left the house for Augusta National.

A few hours later, that yellow shirt would match perfectly with the green jacket draped over it.

The shot of Nicklaus raising his putter in victory on that famous day in 1986 remains an indelible image, one of the most memorable in sports history. The glowing yellow shirt burned its way into the heart of everyone watching that day. In the wake of Nicklaus’ final major victory, the color yellow became his symbol and the inspiration for a charitable effort that’s nearly reached nine figures.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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