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Matt Petgrave ‘absolutely intended' clash with Adam Johnson in ice hockey death, says ex-NHL star

Nov 1, 2023

The ice hockey player whose stray kick slashed an opponent’s throat was making an “unorthodox move” and “absolutely” trying to make contact, a former National Hockey League player has claimed.

However, Sean Avery, who was criticised over his behaviour during his own playing career, warned a television interviewer against speculating whether the death of Adam Johnson was reckless.

In an appearance on American broadcaster Fox, Avery said of Matt Petgrave’s “freak” clash with Johnson: “Do I think he woke up and said I’m going to murder somebody today? No.”

Johnson, 29, of Nottingham Panthers, had been kicked in the throat by Sheffield Steelers player Petgrave, who had since been sent a barrage of hateful messages online.

Those closest to the horror have described the incident as a “freak accident”. Police launched an immediate investigation into the death, which left hundreds of spectators in tears at the Utilita Arena.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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