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Mel Tucker likely done at Michigan State as his stunning rise to power is matched by this fall from grace

Sep 11, 2023

On a gray and rainy October day not two years ago, Michigan State outlasted Michigan, 37-33, in front of a wild Spartan Stadium crown. It moved the Spartans to 8-0 on the season and head coach Mel Tucker to 2-0 as their coach against their bitter rival.

MSU would soon soar to No. 3 in the national rankings and Tucker would soon receive a massive 10-year, $95 million contract, in part out of fear that LSU or someone else would come steal a Spartan coaching savant the way they once did with Nick Saban.

Tucker had it made. Big money, big momentum.

Since then, he's 10-9 on the field. Off of it, reality is even worse.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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