Mets hitting coach Eric Chavez suggests MLB is using a different baseball for nationally televised games

May 7, 2022

Run-scoring and related offensive outputs are down in 2022, and there's ample reason to suspect that the properties of the baseball itself has much to do with that. MLB has a rich recent history of putting in play baseballs that vary widely in those properties from year to year and even within the same season, and 2022 appears to be no exception.

In general terms, pitchers won't object to "deadened" baseballs, just as hitters won't recoil from the "juiced" variants. Both sets of players and their dueling interests, however, appreciate consistency when it comes to this most essential piece of equipment.

That brings us to the latest conspiracy theory floated by the New York Mets. Mets hitting coach Eric Chavez recently told Tim Healey of Newsday that his hitters suspect the baseball becomes curiously less deadened during nationally televised games, such as a recent Mets-Phillies tilt last Sunday night on ESPN. Healey writes:

And then in late April, two days before they played the Phillies on ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball," several hitters gave Chavez a heads up: Watch how the baseballs travel during the premier nationally televised game of the week. They had heard that the balls in those games were in some way different.

"I thought for a second, 'You guys are full of it,' " Chavez said.

And then what happened?

"The ball was traveling farther — balls that weren't hit as hard. And I'm like, wait a minute, that shouldn't have happened," Chavez said. "The ball was just traveling better. That was the eye test, but then we lined it up with what the analytics were telling us."

Source: MSN/CBS Sports (Photo by: CBS Sports)