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Mets re-sign Brandon Nimmo, add veteran reliever as payroll reaches record high: report

Dec 10, 2022

The "Steve Cohen tax" is the highest luxury tax tier a team can go to in regard to payroll in MLB, and the New York Mets owner is living up to it.

Cohen and the Mets dished out another lucrative deal, re-signing their former first-round pick, outfielder Brandon Nimmo, at $162 million over the next eight seasons, according to ESPN.

Cohen wasn’t done. The Mets reportedly signed veteran reliever David Robertson to a one-year pact worth $10 million.

With those contracts, the Mets have an estimated payroll of $333 million at Opening Day, per Spotrac, a number the Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t even touched with their star-studded roster over the years.

Source: Fox News

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