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Miami GP Tackling Much-Manligned Track Issue for 2023 F1 Race

Jan 19, 2023

“The surface is a joke” and it feels “wet” when driving off-line. Those were some of the criticisms levelled at the Miami Grand Prix circuit by Formula 1 drivers during its inaugural race weekend last May.

Drivers were vocal after their very first day of sampling the circuit that kicked off F1’s 10-year deal with Miami.

Fernando Alonso called the asphalt “not-F1 standard” and particular criticism was aimed at the lack of grip off-line – with complaints that it felt like driving “almost on gravel” according to world champion Max Verstappen.

This led to forecasts of doom for the race – “the racing will be bad” warned Sergio Perez – but in the end, there were a respectable 45 overtakes (according to the race organiser) that included a pass for the race lead.

And things might improve further in 2023 as the second-ever Miami GP will take place on a resurfaced circuit that should improve grip and consequently overtaking opportunities.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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