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Michael Irvin has re-filed his defamation lawsuit in Arizona

Mar 14, 2023

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin has not given up his fight against the hotel that played a direct role in getting him suspended by NFL Network and ESPN during Super Bowl week.

The case, we’re told, has already been re-filed in Arizona. The goal was to correct the defect arising from the fact that Marriott doesn’t technically own the property at which the incident occurred.

The case likely has been filed against the owner of the hotel and one or more individual employees of the hotel.

Why Arizona and not Texas? Apparently, the company that owns and operates the hotel does not have sufficient ties to Texas, insulating it from the jurisdiction of the Texas courts.

Meanwhile, Irvin will reveal the surveillance video at an 11 a.m. CT press conference. We’ll have more details as the event unfolds.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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